Cytomegalovirus symptoms

What is the clinical picture in infected individuals?
For symptoms caused by this virus is characterized as causing serious diagnostic difficulties as a broad spectrum of methods of infection and thus display different symptoms in different age groups.

If the infection is transmitted to the fetus, it leads to serious destruction of the different systems and even death. Upon infection of infants or children in early childhood most often asymptomatic infection passes.

When individuals in adolescence and beyond, the infection is often sexually or through kissing. Their course is very similar to infectious mononucleosis.

Skin may appear rash, which is small in size “pimples” – macules and vesicles, in which the surface is red. Another common symptom is flushed throat, which is painful.

, Liver and spleen (spleen) may also react as their size increased, leading to a feeling of fullness in the subcostal arc, respectively right and left.

In the beginning it has a fever and in rare cases an increase in peripheral lymph nodes.