Cytomegalovirus treatment

Cytomegalovirus causes Acute infectious disease. Occurs with a variety of symptoms that can be divided into innate and acquired, according to whether the infection is gone during pregnancy or after it.

Cytomegalovirus is a representative of the family of herpes viruses. As caught in an external environment very quickly inactivated. Ordinary disinfectants destroyed it in minutes.

What are the characteristics of the epidemic virus?
His sole reservoir and source people. The virus is excreted in their saliva, urine, seminal fluid, and even in milk. People become infected through direct contact with secretions from other diseases. Besides splashes through coughing, sneezing or talking (airborne infection). The infection is transmitted sexually.

Another way of transmitting infection from infected pregnant is the fruit. It is possible surrender transfusions. And for airborne it found that close contact is needed.

As regards milk, containing cytomegalovirus is important to know that the child sucking also infected, but it infection can be subclinical, i.e. no pronounced clinical picture.

This virus is well distributed in children’s teams, as well as kindergartens. This is why children often suffer and carry the infection in your home, infecting and older.

When people in the sexually active age detectable virus in semen or vaginal secretions. Even after the cure of the infection, virus particles are found in the body for a long time and are emitted by it. They do not give symptoms, but development of the deficit by the immune system can resume infection.

In general the virus is spread povsevmestno, with about 40% of adults in the developed countries suffered in their blood are antibodies to strains thereof.

The virus provides protection from the immune system by blocking the white blood cells. Thus, it multiplies and moves in other organs as the body’s defense against it is reduced.